Exclusive Video Premiere: Galleri “Head In The Mire” (2021)


Galleri are a five-piece band from the mid-north coast of NSW, and having formed in the late 2000s, has served as a creative outlet for the talented quintet. Their most recent single, “Head In The Mire” was recorded in a home studio at Greenpoint, near Pacific Palms. We are thrilled today to be premiering the video for the track.

The track was written by lead singer John Moore, reflecting on the challenges provided by the pandemic and various global crises. He describes how writing the song helped battle the mental challenges during these uncertain times: “There is underlying anxiety and uncertainty in the times we’re living in. We know what is inherently right or wrong in our bones but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that is…Sometimes it’s easier to live in our own small world paradise than to acknowledge the bigger picture and confront reality. Does it make us liars if we know what is right but go against ourselves to do what the higher powers tell us?”

The track has a strident indie-rock feel to it. It has a rolling melody, is gritty and raw, and is blessed with some searing guitars.  The video is a sweet pairing to the track.  It was shot at Whoota, in  NSW’s Wallingat State Forest.

About the video John says: ‘We wanted the clip to be a raw and honest video with no frills. Just the band playing in a rundown shack in a forest..  We were honoured to work with Brad Murnane from Spilting Films who has worked with a heap of artists we respect. Brads vision was in line with ours in keeping the visuals simple so the content of the song would cut through. The band hung out, had a few drinks and played around in the shack. We didn’t want anything to be forced.’

Helping Brad Murnane on the video was Zachary Miller from Target Hearts Studio who took care of audio, and it was mastered by Paul Blakey.

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