Exclusive Video Premiere: FOURA ft. Emy Zaluzna “My Truth” (2020)


We have the exclusive video premiere today of “My Truth”, a garage/dance-pop track from FOURA, featuring Emy Zaluzna. You might have known FOURA through her previous moniker, Lotus Moonchild. She is best known for  DJ’ing and producing in the clubs of Melbourne, cutting a swathe through the world of bass, electronic, garage, house and techno.  FOURA and Emy collaborated to write and produce “My Truth”, which is a total banger.

With clubs shut down, and extreme social distancing measures in place in Melbourne FOURA and Emy, as with many other artists, had to come up with a plan-B with regards to this video.

FOURA describes what went down “Parading in sequined Bulls Jerseys and desktop dancing at your workstation are edited amongst the montage of B-Girls / B-Boys in sparse practice pits and beach scenes with masked up mums. You can be confident that these are the familiar faces of Melbourne’s dancefloors, recreating a memory of Section 8, or a shuffle at Revs. If not moving alongside a partner, most individuals have adapted to be their own bar staff. Service includes beach tinnies, Oj with a side of voguing and midday twerk-aritas.”

FOURA and Emy worked with the 76M production crew to put this creative piece together. Here is proof that if you can’t go out then there are alternatives. Stay home, throw up some fairy lights, grab your favourite tin or mix your favourite cocktail, play some tunes and party on. This is just the song to party to.

Enjoy the creativity of “My Truth” and the gorgeous vocals of Emy Zaluzna.

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