Exclusive Video Premiere: Damien Binder “Everything But” (2021)

Damien Binder

Perth-based New Zealand singer/songwriter Damien Binder recently released his second track for 2021, “Everything But”. We are thrilled today to have the exclusive video premiere for the track which will be on the fifth album from this talented artist.

The track was written by Damien and Bob Shepheard. It was produced by Matt Gio, who also helped out on the track with guitar, bass, keys and drums.

Damien explains how the song evolved: “Everything But’ started to take shape in the studio it was the instrumentation that shaped the sound and feel of the final recording. “When we started out building the track Matt got this drum and keyboard feel going which reminded me a little of  some parts of ‘Tunnel of Love’ (Bruce Springsteen) – Not a bad thing I thought!”

The earlier part of the song also gives me the feels of “Streets of Philadelphia”, which also isn’t a bad thing. This is a track that captivates on first listen. Binder is an artist who is meticulous in his artistry. It has a warm embrace of melancholia. The accompanying video fits like a glove, with its futuristic feel and deft contrast of light and shade and constant movement.

The video was directed by his long-time video collaborator, New Zealand film director Jonathan King (Black Sheep). Damien conceptualised the video, and it was brought to life by King.

The video reflects the gentle calm and tranquillity of the song. It conjures up images of an abandoned gallery in the future. You can feel the many stories that have been told, and the artworks that have been hung on these walls over time.

Press <Play> and enjoy the video premiere of “Everything But” by Damien Binder.


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