Exclusive Video Premiere: CREO “Juliet (Piano Version)” (2020)

Sydney trio, CREO, released their latest single “Juliet” last month. The song has had solid radio play, are we are thrilled today to be able to offer you a new take on it, an acoustic version with an accompanying video.

Frontman Jorjee talks about the meaning behind ‘Juliet’: “The track is a personal reflection of what our beloved hometown (Sydney) has become over the last 5 or so years. It’s not a protest piece because we’re not really that sort of band but more so an observation of the state of the current nightlife and the overall vibe of the city. Some of our favourite places growing up have lost their heartbeat and we’ve felt somewhat helpless watching it all slowly decline into a corporate wasteland”.

In what is great news for the fans, we can announce here first that they have a single launch at The Vanguard in Sydney on the 1st August. Check the Vanguard website for details about tickets.

In the meantime, check out this moving version of “Juliet”

You can follow CREO on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube

Bruce Baker

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