Exclusive Video Premiere: Blackbirds FC “Island of the Dogs” (2021)

Blackbirds FC

Melbourne band Blackbirds FC recently released their latest single, “Island of the Dogs”, and we are thrilled to be premiering today the video for this beautiful lush track.

“Island of the Dogs” features is a tantalising mix of gorgeous harmonies, sweet guitars, strings and a nostalgic feel for Australian music of the ’80s and ’90s. The song has a theme of exclusion, and the video is shot in black and white, giving it a moody nostalgic feel.

The exterior and drone footage was shot and edited by fourteen-year-old Sean Phillips, his first music video. Songwriter Jeremy Gronow explains how they came to work with Sean. “The band was introduced to Sean by our producer Cam McKenzie who knew his dad. On Cam’s recommendation we checked out Sean’s stuff and were impressed with the good taste, simplicity and atmosphere of his work. We liked his response to the song as well and connected aesthetically through shared influences like the great Australian black and white photographer Max Dupain.”

Gronow explains the reason for the monochrome feel of the video: “The clip takes ‘Island of the Dogs” theme of exclusion and translates it into a ghostly monochrome landscape devoid of colour and people.” 

Craig ‘Delsinki’ Johnston shot the band footage. It was filmed around Victoria’s Gippsland Lakes as well as the Elvis room at Melbourne’s Bake House Studios.

The track was written by Jeremy Gronow. It was recorded at Station Place Studios in Glenhuntly and produced and mastered by Cameron McKenzie.

Gronow also plays guitar. Also on vocals and guitars is Gina Hearnden. Bec Long is on cello, Julien Chick on bass, and Phil Campbell on drums and percussion. As well as production duties, Cameron McKenzie guested on lead guitar and backing vocals.

Fans of the Go-Betweens, Paul Kelly and The Church will find plenty to love about this track. The band is still in its relative infancy. They formed in 2018 as an acoustic folk band, and since then have added drums and bass. Their debut EP, Life Sciences was released that year, and they followed this up with their debut album, Field Recordings in 2019.


You can follow Blackbirds FC on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube

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