Exclusive Video Premiere: Big Orange “Love’s Not Enough” (2022)

Perth’s indie-rockers Big Orange recently dropped their latest single the urgent and pulsating “Love’s Not Enough”. With a recurrent guitar riff and relentless beat, it’s reminiscent of the best of British 80s and 90s rock. The track reflects on a relationship that has run its course. We are thrilled today to have the video premiere for the track.

The video was directed by Re ne. It has a dreamy feel to it and has you hankering to see the band perform this on a big stage. They have a sound that feels timeless and classic and have built steadily since their 2020 debut album An Ode to OdiousThe urgency of the guitars and driving beat is well paired with the shifting images and reflections created via the crafty use of a perspex sheet.

About the clip, keys player, Emma Adams, states: “That iridescent perspex was laying in the roadside collection a couple of houses down from the studio we shot at, one of the guys carried it back and hung it from the ceiling, the concept just kinda built around that. The place we shot, Johnny Ma studios, is this cool warehouse next to a funeral parlour in Perth, there’s this yellow parrot that lives there and mills around all the action, you might see him in the clip, if not you’ll see him in the behind the scene shots for sure.”

Enjoy the video for “Love’s Not Enough” from Big Orange.

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