Exclusive Video Premiere: Bad Pony “Hold Choke” (2020)

Bad Pony

Indie-rockers Bad Pony are teasing us with another single off their forthcoming debut album, this time in the form of “Hold Choke”. This is a song full of hooks, big choruses and makes you want to jump and down with the band. It’s quite a contrast to the somewhat darker, undertones of the lyrics, which makes it all the more compelling.

Songwriter Jarred Young explains: “This is one of my favourite BP tunes for sure. This year I’ve been coming to terms with and confronting some mental health issues – I wrote this song a couple of years ago in the time between a break up and getting back together with an ex-girlfriend and was in a particularly self-destructive head space. I think it sometimes helps to deal with darkness with a stroke of brightness so I put all of my woes into a boppy, yelly pop song.”

The band live in different cities these days, and whilst “Hold Choke” was written in St Kilda in Victoria, it was recorded in Newcastle and Sydney and then finished off in Russell Island in Queensland.

Their long time visual collaborator rcstills produced the video remotely via zoom calls to the band in Sydney, Melbourne and Russell Island. He directed the lighting, framing and shooting.

Clifford describes the process: “I wanted to get experimental with the creative and drew inspiration from the rotoscope animation style from one of my all-time favourite movies ‘Waking Life’ – so it’s a homage of sorts. This allowed us to get pretty weird with some of the shots. The creative very loosely sits in the POV perspective of someone that has an atypical sensory experience of the world – a distorted sense of reality of sorts. I also really wanted to juxtapose the vibrant colours against the dark subject matter of the song.”

With 2020 being spent finishing off the album, 2021 is looming to be a big one for touring for Bad Pony. With the songs for the debut album under their music belt, keep an eye out for them at a venue near you. Their live shows are always epic – intense and good fun.

If you are in Sydney you can catch them this Friday night (11th December 2020) at the Lansdowne. Details are below.

In the meantime, enjoy the first look at the video for “Hold Choke”


Bad Pony will be playing an early (6:30pm) and a late show (9:30pm) at the Lansdowne, Sydney on the 11th December – tickets HERE

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