Exclusive Video Premiere: Angus Dawson “Ngurra” [Acoustic] (2019)

Last month, WA producer and singer-songwriter Angus Dawson released “Ngurra”, a poignant and introspective single born out of his experiences working with Western Australia’s remote Indigenous communities. Today we’re excited to bring you an exclusive first look at an acoustic live performance clip Dawson has put together for the single – it’s utterly beautiful stuff!

“Ngurra”, which in many different languages and dialects of Indigenous people roughly translates to ‘home’, was written by Dawson following his time working with Desert Feet in WA’s remote Indigenous communities.

Desert Feet is a music charity program which provides musical opportunities to those who don’t normally have access to it. They have a vision to turn lives around in these communities, where there are often those struggling with mental and physical health problems, by providing access to opportunities to practice, record and perform music.

Whilst Dawson spent three years brining his experience and expertise in recording and music to these remote communities through the charity, he also found himself learning plenty from the participants. “Ngurra” echoes the remorse he felt as his lack of awareness and knowledge about Australia’s broader history and culture.

Performing the song acoustic, Dawson shifts the emphasis away from the electronic elements of the original single, towards a moving and flawless vocal performance. With everything stripped back, we’re invited to really focus on the lyrics and their meaning, which in turn really turns the song’s emotive quality up that extra notch. Throw in some subtle bass clarinet and you’ve got me! A beautiful performance.

“Ngurra” is available now through Exist Records. You can keep up to date with Dawson via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To find out more about Desert Feet, or donate to this important charity delivering life changing programs to communities throughout WA, you can visit their website.

Simon Clark

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