Exclusive: Tijuana Cartel take us behind-the-scenes of the recording of Acid Pony

Tijuana Cartel

Tijuana Cartel are having something of a busy year. That’s all in spite of the disruption and upheaval caused by COVID-19. The band released their new single, the delightfully psychedelic “Minimal Stuffing” back in July. Even more recently they’ve dropped the suitably trippy accompanying music clip – directed and animated by Carey O’Sullivan. The band’s singer and guitarist Paul George has also been busy with his side project Black Rabbit George – new album Warren dropped only a few weeks ago.

“Minimal Stuffing” is the first offering from the band’s forthcoming new album Acid Pony. The album was due for release on November 13th. However, despite Queensland enjoying something of a respite from the worst of COVID-19, the pandemic has upended their schedule somewhat. Unable to tour widely beyond Queensland, the band have pushed back the release of their next single, and the release of Acid Pony.

It’s not all bad news though. In a bid to ease the pain of an extended wait, and perhaps to tease its release just that bit more, the band have put together an exclusive photo diary for us. The photos take us behind the scenes of the recording of Acid Pony and give us a glimpse into the band’s creative process.

“Minimal Stuffing” is available now. Keep up to date with Tijuana Cartel and all the latest Acid Pony news via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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