Exclusive Single Premiere: Tom Harrington “Be There Soon” (2021)

Tom Harrington

Victorian singer/songwriter and indie-folk balladeer Tom Harrington creates music that comforts and caresses. Following on from his debut single “Before You Go” he has been hard at work on his debut EP, and we are thrilled today to be premiering the title track, “Be There Soon”, ahead of its release on Friday, 3rd December 2021.

“Be There Soon” features joyful acoustic guitars, lovely harmonies, with a deft turn of phrase. “I never planned on writing a love song, until you made me this way.” he sings. With beautifully layered vocals and a skilful mixing up of the tempo, “Be There Soon” shows how grand love can be. He has kept the instrumentation lean to allow the beauty of the lyrics and the sentiment to shine through brightly.

Tom gives some insight into the track: “This song personally means a lot to me. It’s filled with memories that, whilst feel uniquely mine, I know other people can relate to and can share with their own loves.”

“This track sets the mood for my entire Be There Soon EP, which I named in its honour. The composition of bright acoustic guitar, minimalist drums and percussion keep it floating through the air beside its breathy hook line, that is initially unexpected following the 2 introductory strums.”

The track was recorded at The Aviary Recording Studio in Abbotsford. Fraser Mongomery and Adam Dempsey helped out on production and mastering. Fans of Jack Botts, Hollow Coves and The Dreggs should find plenty to love here.  

You can keep up to date with Tom Harrington on his Website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

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