Exclusive Single Premiere: Tied Down “Slow” (2022)

We keep saying it, but Western Australia continues to deliver outstanding musical artists. We are stoked today to be premiering “Slow”, from the explosive and energetic Tied Down. The boys have melded a quixotic blend of punk, rap and indie-rock into their own unique sound. “Slow” is a track packed with emotion to address the difficulties of facing addiction.

About the track, the band writes:  “Slow is definitely the most personal and emotionally-charged song we’ve written as a band to date. It explores an adventure through addiction and coming out the other side of it, and the music is written in a way that reflects that, with some pretty heavy and emotional moments that really resolve in a positive, optimistic and opportunistic way.

It’s a song that we feel will resonate with anyone who has experienced something similar and we hope that people can draw meaning from not only the lyrics, but the journey that the music takes them on as well.”

“Slow” is a beautifully melodic and heartfelt track. Beginning with gentle riffs, and from the opening lyrics, So I’ll go, ‘Cause I’m sick of blaming everyone I know, Can you help me, Can you help me take it slow”, we know we are in for a very personal journey. “Tied Down” is a journey with all the feels, showcasing maturity and optimism. 

It proved to be a collective effort, as they described:  “It started with a guitar riff which was born out of a bit of conflict in a pretty challenging time for the band, and it quickly became a great platform for all of us to get some things off our chests. We wanted the song to reflect that by giving each member and their instrument an opportunity to have a direct impact on the song.”

Tied Down released their self-titled debut EP late in 2020, and since then have been playing live shows up and down the West coast of Australia. The release of “Slow” sets them up nicely for a busy 2022.

The track was recorded at Hopping Mouse Studios with producer Matt Templeman (Sly Withers, Voyager), and mastered by Simon Struthers (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Karnivool, Something For Kate).

If you are lucky enough to be in Perth, you can catch the band this Saturday (12th February 2022) at Milk Bar in Inglewood with guests Surf Shop Cops, Seaward and Reins. Tickets HERE

In the meantime, enjoy our premiere, and you can pre-save “Slow” HERE.

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Photo credit: Portia Gebaue

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