Exclusive Single Premiere: Shiny Joe Ryan “A Stitch In Time” (2021)

Shiny Joe Ryan

Tomorrow, Pond multi-instrumentalist Shiny Joe Ryan drops his sophomore album, Shiny’s Democracy, and we are thrilled today to premiere the final single off the album, “A Stitch in Time”.

As you would expect from a multi-instrumentalist and member of Pond, he takes his cues from a variety of influences, including country, pop and rock. A common thread amongst the tracks on the album is his humour, as well as his high-level musical wizardry. This is an album overflowing with good feels. The album was mastered by the legendary Kevin Parker.

“A Stitch in Time” is one of the mellower tracks on the album.  It’s a love song, with a little bit of a psychedelic feel to it, featuring some killer guitar lines. Of the track, Shiny Joe says, “… is one of only two songs on the album that I used my original demo as the basis for recording and then overdubbed the rest at home. I got the name from something my Mum used to say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ and I guess it’s a love song at heart. I have a dinky old plastic keyboard I got as a kid that has really cool string quartet sounds on it. I used that as the base for the song and added a bit of guitar and a basic drum beat. It’s a simple song but I find it very nice to listen to.”

As well as having the premiere of the single, we have the accompanying video for “A Stitch in Time”.

Shiny Joe explains the premise for the video saying, “This song is a love song, but that didn’t mean it had to have a super serious video clip. So for fun I bought a dog costume and headed to the beach with my mate Shane (who’s filmed all my video clips for this album) and Chook my housemate Lizzie’s dog. Chook is a 2 year old American Pointer/ Blue Heeler who we’ve had since he was a pup. The video is Chook and I frolicking on the beach in slow motion with some light analog video effects for fun.”

Enjoy our premiere of “A Stitch In Time”, and do have a listen of Shiny’s Democracy when it is released tomorrow. It really is a terrific album.


Shiny’s Democracy will be released Friday, 23rd July via Spinning Top Records. You can order and pre-save it HERE

Upcoming gigs:
Friday August 6 | The Bird, Perth | $10 at door

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