Exclusive Single Premiere: Seattic “bit” (2020)


Melbourne-based songwriter and synth-pop artist Seattic is back with a brand new single, “bit”. It’s his first slice of music since the release of his debut album Retrospeculation in February 2019,  and we’re stoked to bring you its exclusive premiere. 

“bit” takes the nostalgia tinged tones of debut Retrospeculation and dials up the moodiness levels. The track’s title is both an acronym (back in town) and a homage to Eighties computer architecture 8 BIT. 

Inspired by synth-wave and those 80s vocal stylings a la Robert Smith and Phil Collins, “bit” continues the themes first explored on Seattic’s debut. It tells the story of a past relationship that has been dead for a long time. Until, that is, the moment they’re both back in town. 

Moodiness aside, “bit” is quite the bop. Eminently danceable, it brings to mind the likes of M83 and SBTRKT, without losing any of its own individual character. Give the new single a spin below and check out that deliciously retro visualiser which accompanies it.

“bit” is official released Friday May 1st. You can find Seattic on Facebook.

Simon Clark

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