Exclusive Single Premiere: Nicole Quigley “Sip Of Summer” (2022)

Nicole Quigley is an Eora/Sydney-based pop artist and is about to release her latest shimmering new single, “Sip Of Summer”, and we are thrilled today to be showcasing it for the first time.

Nicole perfectly captures the brilliance of the first throes of a passionate romance, “You’re the sweetest taste I’ve ever had”, “You’re my sip of summer”. and “You’re my sweet salty lover”. The song deftly tracks the course of the relationship. It might not be a ‘forever’ relationship, but the thrill of the beginning makes the journey worthwhile.

The vocals are truly radiant, washing us along the crest of passion, with the guitars riffing and keys buoyantly tracking the feels of the song. The lyrics, instrumentation and vocals vividly resonate together. Listening to the track, it doesn’t take much imagination to implant your own characters into this passionate experience.

About the track, Nicole says “The song was inspired by a summer ‘situationship’ that I was personally experiencing. At the end of 2021, I remember feeling like I didn’t want that time period to end but knowing deep in my gut that it would. The song touches on themes of romance, anticipation and warmth. However, you get a sense in the song as the lyrics move forward that it is going to end and it’s only a short-term fling. This personal feeling and experience I was having allowed me to write this song really quickly. I remember going home and picking up my guitar and the first lyrics that came to my head was ‘You’re the sweetest taste I’ve ever had’ and then it all just came from there.”

Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, GRAACE) produced the track, whilst mixing and mastering were performed by Klaus Hill (PNAU, Masked Wolf).

“Sip Of Summer” will be released on Friday. You can pre-save it HERE. In the meantime, enjoy our exclusive premiere.


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