Exclusive Single Premiere: Lucy Burke “Deaf Ears” (2021)

Lucy Burke

With the #FreeBritney movement receiving considerable press in recent times, Sydney-based singer/songwriter Lucy Burke‘s latest track, “Dear Ears” is ever so relevant. It casts the listener into the world of legendary female artists, such as Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Monroe, reflecting on how helpless and they must have felt with all that fame and fortune. How their cries for help would have fallen on “Dear Ears”.

Burke takes the listener into the world of the subject. With a voice that’s as pure and golden as it is powerful and with her rich storytelling, we are placed into that world where all that glitters is not quite so gold. Through perseverance, the conclusion is a celebration, taking ownership and breaking free of perceived expectations and finding inner peace. It’s a little bit pop, a touch of jazz and some late-night infused blues, “Deaf Ears” is riveting and enchanting.

Burke currently has three albums to her name. The debut, Botany Street was recorded in 2008, at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London. With the ability to shift genres, the songs traverse acoustic pop, jazz, electronic, folk and even funk.

“Deaf Ears” will be released tomorrow, 15th September 2021. You can pre-save “Deaf Ears” HERE.

To celebrate the release of “Deaf Ears”, and her prior single “Please Stay”, Lucy will be performing at The Factory Theatre in Sydney on Saturday, 20th November, 2021. Tickets HERE

In the meantime, enjoy our preview here.

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