Exclusive Single Premiere: Joe Mungovan “You + Me” (2020)

Singer-songwriter Joe Mungovan from Kiama is about to drop his first release of 2020, and we are thrilled to be premiering this new song, “You + Me”, today. Mungovan paints a vivid picture in the opening stanza; it’s the end of the night, his friends have gone home and he is left with his partner, some wine, and it’s a beautiful clear sky with the stars shining brightly.

His warm lilting vocals coupled with catchy guitar riffs transport you to somewhere warm and tropical. The layered guitars are extremely effective, and it has a recurring bass guitar line that keeps the party going from beginning to end. “You + Me” has a wonderful optimistic feel to it.

With songwriters, sometimes the song will just land in their lap. Other times, it will take a while for it to crystalise and take its final form. With “You + Me”, it was definitely a case of the latter, as Mungovan explains: “I started writing this song back in 2017. I came up with the chord progression along with the recurring guitar motif and then sat on it for a while. About a year later I wrote the rest of the song around those initial ideas, but when it came to recording the song I couldn’t seem to find the right vibe for it, so I let it stew for a little while longer. Fast forward to last year on tour in Europe, I was playing around with the song while visiting the beautiful Greek islands. I tried playing it a little more laid back with an off-beat sort of rhythm through the chorus and it all seemed to fall together and make sense.”

“You + Me” was recorded in his home studio and then the final touches were added by Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Urthboy) at One Flight Up in Sydney.

“You + Me” will be released on all digital platforms on the 17th September. In the meantime, close your eyes, crank it up and be transported to your idea of paradise. This song will take you there.

Joe is playing an intimate gig at Lalala’s in Wollongong on the 3rd October to launch the single. Tickets HERE

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