Exclusive Single Premiere: Jessy Hope “See The Love” (2019)

Today we have the Exclusive Single Premiere of a new track “See The Love” from Jessy Hope. Hailing from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand, Hope grew up listening to The Beatles, Elton John, John Legend and Adele and this is evident in his songwriting. This track was written after his brother tragically committed suicide. The genesis of the recording was initiated in the famed Sunset Sound studios in LA earlier this year. This is his debut single, and one which should find him an audience.

With small steps being made universally on mental health, this song urges listeners to see the beauty around them, even in the darkest of times. It’s a beautiful heartfelt ode to his brother, urging him to see the love. The accompanying video is presumably shot back in Hawkes Bay. There are wonderful see-scapes, some great drone footage, and a gentle melancholy feel which neatly complements this piano ballad.

Jessy shared his inspiration with The AU behind this poignant song;

“See The Love is a song I wrote about losing someone you love, in my case it was losing someone I love to suicide. It is a message and prayer to anyone that has lost someone they loved in this way or just losing someone in general because it is always tough in any way. 

It is also a message to anyone out there that may not be feeling ok and for them to know that it is ok to not be ok! We are all on a journey and at times we need to stop and see the love that is around us to keep us on track.

Give it a watch and listen below before it is available on all major online outlets tomorrow, (12th October 2019). Keep a box of tissues handy.


For further information on Jessy do head to his Facebook page and give it some love.

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