Exclusive Single Premiere: Geniie Boy “Bad Company” (2021)

Geniie Boy

Gold-Coast indie-pop duo Geniie Boy are about to drop their latest feel-good track, “Bad Company” and we are thrilled to have the premiere ahead of its release on Friday. This is their third release, following on from “Fool’s Play” and “Bruises”, ahead of their debut EP, If You Have Something To Say. “Bad Company” is bold, it’s sassy and it’s gloriously upbeat.

The duo is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Alisha Todd and Scott French. Todd’s vocals are outstanding. It’s silky smooth, versatile and with great range. I suspect she would be just as adept singing jazz as she is with this electronica-infused indie-pop. “Bad Company” has a killer groove, featuring those great vocals, driving synth beats, layered backing vocals and neat guitars. The production is polished and imaginative. “Bad Company” is an ice-cream sundae with the lot.

Todd explains the genesis of the track: “‘Bad Company’ is about finding your voice again and playing with the idea that you are bad company when you are not being true to yourself. It also talks about external entities influencing who you become, usually at a cost to someone’s happiness/fulfilment.”

If you are lucky enough to be in Brisbane at the moment, you can catch them at the Bearded Lady tomorrow night (Thursday 15th July 2021), supporting Buttered – tickets HERE

Their debut EP, If You Have Something To Say will be released on 27th August, 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the premiere of “Bad Company” ahead of its release on Friday, 16th July 2021.

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