Exclusive Single Premiere: Gated Community “Lay Low and Snitch” (2020)

Straight from the first note, Kiwi-Aussie duo Gated Community swing hard with energetic rhymes, effortlessly cruising the bubbling, Hyphy-like production of their new song “Lay Low and Snitch”. This kind of explosive, irrepressible hip hop is a welcome break from the nihilistic ’emo rap’ that’s still flooding all corners of the internet, so we’re proud to be able to premiere it here exclusively on the AU review.

Gated Community is the kind of bubbling-under-the-radar act both Australian and New Zealand hip hop could use right now. The project, a collaboration between Auckland’s Jordan Lindsay and Melbourne’s Billy Reeves (formerly known as Whit3 Boy), was built organically through previous link-ups the two artists have produced in the past, and only emerged earlier this year with debut single “Knew It”.

As the follow-up, “Lay Low and Snitch” is an even better showcase for their breathless style, syncing up with the bouncy production that’s as spasmodic as the track’s worldwide footprint – it was produced in Seoul, and recorded between Auckland and Melbourne.

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Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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