Exclusive Single Premiere: Frank James “Stuck On You” (2021)

Frank James

“STUCK ON YOU” is the latest tune to drop from singer/songwriter Frank James, a song mourning the end of a relationship, effortlessly spanning genres. It opens with wistful delicate electric guitars and sultry RnB-style vocals, making way for reggae-tinged instrumentals paired with a moody bassline. This track is a total vibe. It follows on from “Friday”, which was released late last year. We’re thrilled to be premiering “STUCK ON YOU” ahead of its release tomorrow.

The track is unhurried and reflective. Of the track, Frank says: “This song is about mourning a past lover/relationship and being ‘stuck’ on it. Trying to substitute the void with other things and people but falling short and ultimately making yourself feel worse.”

“STUCK ON YOU” is delicate and sultry, and no doubt will be one of those songs that will be played on repeat for anyone trying to work out what went wrong in a relationship. It’s mellow and sensual, unhurried and delicate, melancholic but steamy. I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of listeners getting stuck on Frank James after listening to this one.

The track was recorded at Forbes Street Studios in Sydney. It was produced by Dan Frizza, and mastered by Michael Lynch.

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