Exclusive Single Premiere: Dan Baker “Take This Rose” (2021)

Dan Baker

North Queensland’s folk-singer Dan Baker is about to release his first track of the year, and we’re delighted today to be premiering “Take This Rose”, a stunning blend of passion and pain, ahead of its official release on Friday.

The track is written as an expression of love, and a commitment made to a long-distance relationship. Always easier said than done.

The track opens with intricate speedy acoustic guitar fingers before his deep soulful vocals kick in.  Strings fill out the sound, and the pace quickens as optimism for the relationship assures itself in the more upbeat choruses. The musicianship of “Take This Rose” is first-class. The variances in the tempo reflect the shifting emotions, as hope for the relationship oscillates.

This is a beautifully nuanced song. The lyrics and emotions expressed through the song reflect and mirror the complexity of a long-distance relationship. Anyone who has grappled with such a relationship will find totems to hold onto here.

Of the track, Baker says “‘Take This Rose’ took a particularly long time to unravel. I don’t recall how it initially came to be but I do remember calling it finished during the first snowfall several Glaswegian winters ago. It describes old love and new love, and the relationship between distance and time contributing to a sense of loss. It was an optimistic attempt to defend against this sense.”

Baker has been on the scene since 2015. He has been honing his craft headlining, and supporting the likes of C.W. Stoneking, The Whitlams, Tia Gostelow and Greta Stanley. He released his debut album Counting Paces in Tortoise Races in 2019.

“Take This Rose” was produced by Sam Wright and Steve Kempnich. It was engineered and mixed at Airlock Studios, and mastered by King Willy Sound.


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