Exclusive Single Premiere: Ben Catley feat. Ash Grunwald “For The Life Of Me” (2020)

For The Life Of Me

Perth-based singer-songwriter Ben Catley is back with a new single, and this time has company. On “For The Life Of Me” Catley has enlisted the guitar slinging skills of none other than Australian blues legend Ash Grunwald. Officially released tomorrow, we’re stoked to bring you this sneaky first listen of the empowering new single. 

Recorded at Perth’s Pavement Studios with Lance Robinson (Coldplay, Karnivool, 360) “For the Life of Me” is everything we’ve come to expect from Catley. It’s vibrant, up-tempo and undeniably high energy. It’s also very much in keeping with Catley’s overarching songwriting mantra for his songs to be positive and motivating. Catley describes the single, as a “note to self for moment of self doubt — to remind of times of feeling unstoppable and to always keep pushing and working on yourself”.

That positivity and motivation is transformed into pure roots rock energy here. You’ve got gritty vocals, industrial style percussion; with Catley smacking metal trash cans in the studio, and big guitar notes. And then there’s even some signature Ash Grunwald guitar soloing in the middle section just to bring it all together. “For The Life Of Me” hits hard and hits strong and really carries that underlying message of empowerment from start to finish. It’s just the balm we need in this uncertain time. 

Stream “For The Life Of Me” below:

“For The Life Of Me” releases tomorrow, August 14th. You can keep up to date with Ben via Facebook and Instagram.

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