Exclusive Music Video Premiere: The Little Lord Street Band “Waking Up Next To You” (2018)

One of the few country rock bands set to play BIGSOUND next week are WAM Award winners The Little Lord Street Band, and today we’re excited to premiere their new music video “Waking Up Next To You” from their third EP of the same name.

Here’s everything you need to know about the single and the video:

“Waking Up Next To You” is all about the passionate fights that occur between two ardent artists/ lovers, who have too much spare time together and very little money.

In relationships we can get under our partner’s skin and perhaps drive them a little crazy – the remedy which keeps the love alive is by bringing a sense of playfulness, which James Rogers (Jim) of The Little Lord Street Band brings forth through and through in this new music video.

Somewhere between the Indian Ocean and the Great Sandy Desert, Natasha Shanks (Tash) and Jim were eighty per cent done with their North West tour when they thought; ‘let’s make a video clip!’.

If you ever wondered what the Blair Witch Project would look like if shot in the daytime with a tongue firmly placed in the cheek, then this is what you’ll get. Aligning with the meaning of the song perfectly, this music video captures The Little Lord Street Band’s leading songwriter’s finely strung relationship to a Tee.

With Tash behind the camera, the music video is a little snapshot into the optimism and fun-loving nature of The Little Lord Street Band channelled by Jim.

In that love-crazed, mid-fight, broken-hearted frenzy, see Jim stumbling, dancing and running around 80 Mile Beach and the surrounding scenic areas as he tries to collect his thoughts about his relationship, before returning home to try to make amends.

The Little Lord Street Band will perform at BIGSOUND next week, before a special “duo” tour through October and November. You can find out more on their official website or their Facebook Page.

4-Sep. BIGSOUND – Empire Hotel – QLD (9.10PM)
5-Sep. BIGSOUND – Empire Hotel – QLD (9.10PM)
29-Sep. Badlands – WA
Duo Shows (Tash and Jim):
12-Oct. Drunker Poet – VIC
14-Oct. Union Hotel – VIC
19-Oct. The Amazing Grace – VIC
20-Oct. Colbinabbin Festival – VIC
21-Oct. Western Port – VIC
25-Oct. Gods Kitchen – VIC
26-Oct. Baha Taco Rye – VIC
27-Oct. Red Lion Brewery – VIC
28-Oct. Rezza House Concert – VIC
1-Nov. Rambling Nights – NSW
2-Nov. Flow Bar Sydney – NSW
3-Nov. Servo Food Truck – Port Kemba, NSW
7-Nov. Retreat Brunswick – VIC
8-Nov. Pistol Petes Geelong – VIC

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