Exclusive EP Premiere: Wolf & Chain An Honest Mistake (2020)

Lovers of emo rock coupled with a healthy injection of theatre are bound to love the debut release from Adelaide outfit Wolf & Chain. We are excited to be premiering their EP, An Honest Mistake. Wolf & Chain released the title track from this 5-track EP last month, following on from their earlier release “Repent”

The EP tells the story of a preacher who wishes to mould the world into his vision, using whatever means are available to him. Front-man, Jack Cumes explains:
“The narrative serves as a cautionary tale; how good and honest intentions can be manipulated by yourself and the world around you, turning you into the villain. Despite the bullshit, it’s important not to become a product of that hate and misery. It can consume you and destroy you if you let it.”

The opening line in the title-track “Forgive me, Father, because I’m about to sin” is a portent of what follows. It quickly rips into frantic guitars, settling back to some sweet harmonies before launching into confessional dark intents, shredding guitars and pounding beats.

The troubles escalate further in “Murder Song” where scary psychopathic characteristics abound. We are given a breather in an extended version of “Repent”, opening with a monologue, setting the scene for more theatre, heavy guitar riffs and emotional rollercoasters.

“Interlude” and “Killer” brings this colourful (as long as you are wearing black of course) journey to a glorious end.

Lovers of My Chemical Romance, The Used and of course, the theatrical master himself, Alice Cooper are bound to dig this EP. It’s well crafted, and they have mastered the genre.

An Honest Mistake is to be released on all digitals platforms this Friday, 5th June 2020.

In the meantime, put on your black eye-liner, dim the lights, and crank this up loud.

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