Exclusive EP Premiere: Ride For Rain Never Magenta (2020)

Ride For Rain

Sydney’s pop-punk outfit Ride For Rain are about to drop their latest EP, Never Magenta, and we are thrilled to be able to give you a listen to it in full today, prior to its release on Friday. We are also premiering today the video for the third track on the EP, “Let Go”.

This is the follow-up to their debut album, Life’s A Beach, which was released in 2017. The boys have had the opportunity to craft their skills, performing plenty of live-shows before the current situation took hold. Their musicianship and songwriting glistens brightly on this compact and highly entertaining EP. They have the ability to write a song with catchy hooks that get you on the first listen.

Never Magenta was recorded with producer Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Between You and Me).

The band has written a Track-by-Track description, so take a read, crank up the speakers and enjoy the splendour of Never Magenta. On your way through check out the video for “Let Go”.

Track By Track – provided by Ride For Rain

Like What You Do
“Like What You Do” was the 2nd single we put out from the Ep. It was the only song where the majority of it was written in our rehearsal room just mucking around. We would just sing random lyrics over the top whilst playing it until we found melodies we liked. We pretty much just wrote the lyrics to fit the melody. The song also has a cool bridge which we layer some synths over the top and almost made it disco sounding.

Rules on Envy
“Rules on Envy” was the first single we put out. It’s a straight up pop song however the vocals/lyrics is what I think makes it different from most pop songs. It’s got a lot of words and it’s sung quite fast. The song started as a drum loop with an off centred snare hit ever 2nd or so bar. I think that’s what gives it a unique groove. It was then just layered from there.

Let Go
“Let Go” is the song that captures the fast melodic punk rock vibes we are most known for just on a slightly more polished end. It also has lyrics written by 3 of us… The track has a more aggressive tone compared to the other tracks. We’ve also got a video for it coming out on release day!

Over It
“Over It” came about with singing the chorus melody over and over without any other musical context. Just something that popped in my head. It was pretty much that for a couple of months until the rest of the song was written. Kinda sounds like blink182 + the1975.

Thank You
“Thank You” is definitely the most experimental sounding song on the Ep. Very minimal, however the use of strings, slide guitar and trumpet (that I actually played) gives it quite a large feel.



Listen to Never Magenta in full here. It will be released on all online platforms this Friday, 31st July 2020.



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