Exclusive EP Premiere: Dan Vogl – Gifted in Gold (2019)

Ahead of its official release, we’ve got the Premiere for Gifted in Gold, the new EP from Melbourne-based indie-rock artist, Dan Vogl. 

This is a lovely EP from an emerging singer-songwriter. The first track ‘Carousel’ is a strong catchy opener. It refrains brightly, “… make me smile, make me smile”,  which it certainly does with its  plucked guitars and smooth vocals.

The second track is “Gifted in Gold”, the title of the EP. It was the first single released from the EP and has good airplay, making to number 4 on the AMRAP Regional charts. Dan details the thoughts behind this track.
“This song was written from frustration of other people accepting mediocre lives as ‘enough’ for themselves. We are taught as kids to dream big and reach for the stars, but once we become adults people are quick to slap responsibilities and restrictions on themselves and each other. My intention is to inspire people to push through these obstacles and pursue those goals no matter how hard or out of reach they may seem”.

The final two tracks maintain this optimistic feel, even when covering the emotions of “I feel it all”, and “Poppy”. The latter deals with the loss of a loved one, which Dan is able to deftly turn the sombre experience into a celebration, and that’s got to be a good thing.

The EP was produced by Joel Quartermain, who has also worked with Meg Mac, Dustin Tebbit and British India.

Do give it a listen before it’s official release on Friday.

You can catch more of Dan on his Facebook page and instagram and his website

Bruce Baker

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