Exclusive EP Premiere: Becky Rhodes Wonder (2020)

Becky Rhodes

Becky Rhodes is an indie-pop singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, and this week releases her debut EP, Wonder.  Rhodes grew up in Queensland, and attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, before relocating to Melbourne to further her career.

This EP has been in the works for quite some time, with Rhodes lining up Mark D’Angelo of The Backlot Studios to produce it. Two weeks before heading into the studio, her world was turned upside down, when the relationship with her partner abruptly ended. It’s no surprise that this had a significant impact on the recording process.  Despite going through the trauma of a broken heart, she was able to find it an uplifting experience, and also a cathartic one.

As Rhodes explains, “My producer was so fun & relaxing to work with and he really helped bring my songs to life. I can often hear the different instruments, layers and motifs of the songs in my own head, but I can have trouble articulating and then applying them to my songs, but Mark really understood my vision & brought my ideas to life. Some days in the studio were really hard due to the heavy nature of the songs & not being in the best headspace in the weeks following a breakup – but laying down the songs during that time really helped me work through my emotions & it captured a really raw side of heartbreak that I wouldn’t have been able to capture if I wasn’t experiencing that pain at the time.”

The breakup certainly shaped the songwriting, and Rhodes hopes that it might provide some solace to those also experiencing loss. “Everyone has or will experience heartbreak from time to time. Whether that’s from a relationship or a friendship ending or losing a loved one – we can all relate to this theme. This EP has songs I wished I could have listened to during my own heartbreak. But it’s not all sad. There’s moments of happiness, reflection & moving on, so I want the listeners to be able to relate in their own way & mostly, enjoy my music.”

Wonder is a beautiful collection of songs encapsulating the emotions which run wild in the immediate aftermath of a breakup. Rhodes has a gift for writing lines which describe these feelings with ease. On “Mend”, for instance, she reflects on not wanting to establish new relationships – “I don’t want to meet friends again, I don’t want to meet a mum again,  I like the one’s that come with you, I don’t want anyone new”.  The final track of the EP, “Wonder”, shows signs of moving on, prevaricating between reflecting on what could have been, and gaining acceptance that perhaps things weren’t perfect after all.  If I was going through a breakup, these are the songs I’d be wanting to listen to. Her voice is pure with a wide range, and the production allows her vocals to take centre stage.

Wonder is out this Friday, the 2nd of October, 2020. You can pre-save it HERE. In the meantime, press Play and give it a listen now.

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