Exclusive Album Premiere: Nicole McKinney – The Process (2021 EP)

Nicole McKinney

Indie folk/rock musician Nicole McKinney is just about to release her debut EP, The Process.  This is a concise and poignant collection of songs that tackle pain, grief and anger head-on. We are thrilled to have the premiere of this EP, ahead of its release on Friday.

The Process as cathartic as it is beautiful. The songs deal with the traumatic breakup of a relationship. As well as the hurt of the breakup, the collateral damage is covered, the ending of friendships as a consequence of the end of the relationship.

McKinney takes you on her journey in these songs. With a voice filled with power, strength and honesty, you are with her all the way. Feeling the feels, the anger and the hurt. McKinney is a master storyteller.

Laying out the inspiration for the songs, McKinney says: “I hope this EP can comfort a broken heart, inspire someone to leave toxic friends or partners and most of all, ensure patience with our own healing process.”

The EP features Nicole on vocals and guitar, Kyle Lacko on lead guitar, Luke Woollett on bass guitar and Jordan Cant on drums and percussion. Luke Woollett also produced and mixed the record. Mastering was performed by Matthew Gray.

The Process will be released worldwide, this Friday, 11th June 2021.

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Image Credit: Max Wenke

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