Eagle and the Worm + Barbarion – Northcote Social Club (10.07.10)

Eagle and the Worm Live copy

Better late than never has always been my motto, and whilst I missed most of the supports for Eagle & The Worm, I stumbled into the Northcote band room just in time to be forced back out again by the wall to wall crowd of people spastic dancing to Barbarion. Born from the fire pits of hell, Barbarion are one of the most entertaining live acts I’ve ever seen. Imagine if your Dad and his mates got really stoned and decided to form a metal band to play at Mardi Gras. This is the chaos that is Barbarion.

Complete with flames and skulls onstage, along with a fantastic selection of costumes (a roman centurion, monks, and a portly version of Conan the Barbarian who was sporting a delightful studded leather cod piece), Myles Tauchert and his rampaging band of misfits take theatrics to the extreme with their in your face hedonistic antics and overtly clichéd take on 80’s metal. These men make music that is entirely generic and derivative but their delivery and the energy they put into making their live show a spectacular is simply fantastic. Barbarion are too much fun. Grab a weapon, prepare your best rock ‘n’ roll devil horns and go forth and pillage and plunder the lands with them.

Eagle & The Worm took to the stage looking like they were headed to a Revenge of the Nerds costume party, with their amusing 80’s attire and fake moustaches, the 9 piece from Melbourne got what was left of the crowd up and dancing to their chilled out take on 70’s rock. Jarrad Brown and his fellow band mates are a laid back group who play like they don’t have a care in the world.

Launching their second single “All I Know” and “Its Not Unusual” (and before you ask, it is indeed a Vegas style boogie tribute to the one and only Tom Jones), EATW entranced the audience with their obscenely fun show. Brown’s distinctive nasal tones fit in well with their music, and whilst their songs all sound very similar, they put on a good show. Highlights of the evening included the fantastic performance from the brass section and a cracking rendition of “Goodtimes”, a fantastic number that is still too cool for school. 

The big band stylings of EATW were great to see live. They are fun group who put energy and charisma into their set. Keep an eye out for them in the coming months as they prepare to release their debut LP.

Until then, let the good times roll.