Album Review: Cloud Control – Bliss Release (2010 LP)


There has been a lot of buzz about
young indie band Cloud Control over the past few years, and
with their debut album Bliss Release, they have well and truly
lived up to the hype.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Cloud
Control first began to create a stir following the release of their
debut EP and its subsequent singles “Vintage Books” and
“Buffalo Country”. Having spent a couple of years
establishing themselves as Australia’s ‘next big things’, thanks in
small part to a few notable gigs (including sharing the stage with
Supergrass and Dappled Cities), in 2009 the band released the first taste of the debut LP: the stirring, mellow single,
“Gold Canary”. With its chorus full of hooks, blissful
guy/girl harmonies and quirky catchiness, the song quickly earned
accolades in Australia and abroad,; a shining introduction to
an equally exceptional record.

Put simply, Bliss Release is a
triumph. With a sound that combines the folkish psychedelia of The
Byrds with the lush, warm harmonies of Fleet Foxes, the result is a
genuinely original and confident collection of indie folk/pop songs.
There are very few dull moments on this release – each track is
assuredly melodious, wonderfully harmonious and instantly infectious –
from the uplifting pop ditty “There’s Nothing in the Water We
Can’t Fight” and danceable, energetic second single “This
is What I Said”, to the more stripped back, vocally rich “Just
For Now” and the sprawling and emotional “Hollow Drums”.
The blended voices of Alister Wright and Heidi Lenffer are a
standout, augmenting the album’s blissfully organic and pastoral,
summery feel.

Cloud Control have achieved a sound
which is both classic and cleverly original, and their debut full
length release a remarkably effective and well crafted record for
such a young band. Bliss Release may have come weighed with
heady expectations, but it has met each and everyone one of them.
Believe the hype.

Review Score: 9/10