Behind the lyrics: Charlie Collins takes us inside her searing new track “F*ck It”

Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins has today released the video for her emotive new single, “Fuck It”. The track deals with a difficult break-up that has become public.  More about the background to the track later, as Charlie has given the AU an exclusive insight into the story behind the song.

The video was directed by Madeline Purdy (Flowerkid, Gordi), and she explains how she tackled the challenge: “Making a video for a song with such raw emotional content was an intimidating brief. But Charlie is a very open and honest person, which made it possible for us to make something authentic together. The only traumatic part of the whole video process was cleaning up tiny feathers and shards of glass at the end of the day.”

I’ve had this track on repeat since first hearing it. Its brutal honesty is countered by the beautifully recurring melody, a rocking beat and crunchy guitars. The video is as striking as the song.

The track was produced by Scott Horscroft with Joji Malani (Gang Of Youths) at The Grove


This track (which we love!) has a more indie/rock feel to it than what we are used to from you – is this a new direction for Charlie Collins moving forward?
I didn’t mean for ‘Fuck It’ to go in such a rock direction, though I guess with a song like this one we didn’t really have a choice. It’s just how it came out. I enjoyed being able to show an edgy, tougher side of myself which until now I’d never fully explored.

It’s a tough personal track, can you fill us in on the background to “Fuck it”
‘Fuck It’ was pretty brutal to write. No one really likes owning up to their mistakes, and sharing them with the world is pretty daunting. I wrote this song at a pretty low point in my life. I’d just gone through a breakup and the repercussions of that really broke me. A lot of hateful words came back to me from people who I thought were my friends. My pain shouldn’t be someone else’s gossip. I knew I had made mistakes, but they were for me to deal with in my own time. Gossip is a shitty thing, and to be in the centre of it sucked.

Thanks for sharing. What’s in store for the rest of 2021?
This year, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world. I worked a lot on myself and I’m stronger than I ever was. I’m working my ass off and hitting the ground running. I’ve been working on a lot of music, so an album may be born soon.

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