Ball Park Music – Sad Rude Future Dude (2010 Single)

Another day passes, and another cracker band from Brisbane drops a hot new single for the indie kids to go nuts for. Ball Park Music infected the airwaves last year with their perfectly crafted pop gem, “Sad Rude Future Dude”, that sports the unforgettable lyrics, ‘I only have sex with myself’. The six-piece have nailed it with this one. Their songwriting is clever, quirky, and packed full of infectious hooks that leave plenty of room for dancing.

Sam Cromack, aka My Own Pet Radio remixed “iFly” for the b-side, and has taken the rather Custard-esque tune down a notch with some chilled out beats and synth, without losing the awesome sing along chorus of ‘I fucking love you, I think you’re pretty’.

Ball Park Music just keep on getting better. A lot of their work comes across as twee, but not everything was meant to be an all-encompassing artistic statement. This lot are nothing but fun, so jump on board the bandwagon and strap yourself in for one hell of a ride.