Almost Monday is the San Diego trio soundtracking summer with “cool enough”

San Diego’s Almost Monday are a three-piece pop band that have been predicted as one of  “21 Breakout Musicians to Know in 2021” by GQ Australia, recently making their Lollapalooza debut and appearing on the lineups of international festivals Summerfest, Bonnaroo and Firefly. Not to mention, they’ve just released a tune that will soundtrack your summer, “cool enough”.

Lead vocalist Dawson Daugherty described their recent festival circuit as ‘the greatest celebration of reentering’.

‘The energy is so amazing, people are just so happy to be there,’ he said. ‘The first one back was Lollapalooza, which was kind of gnarly because it was like such a big festival to sort of just be like, all right, casually, I haven’t played a show in like a year and a half and we’re just sort of stepping into this thing… It’s just been amazing to re-fall in love with playing live music, I guess, because it’s been so long.’

It’s a far cry from performing in local surf shops when the band was just starting out. But Almost Monday have garnered an impressive popularity through the pandemic, quickly trading little hideouts for big festival stages. 

Through lockdown their fans have latched onto releases such as “parking lot view”, “broken people” and “hailey beebs”, all of which the boys wrote in a fast-paced approach.

‘So far with a lot of the way that we make music is we sort of try to get the song down in one day, which sounds kind of insane and very quick, but like, it’s kind of just trying to like get lightning in a bottle and have a demo by the end of the day,’ Dawson said. 

However, their most recent single “cool enough” fell outside of their usual process. 

‘“cool enough” was interesting because that’s like a song that wasn’t really like that,” said Dawson. “We worked on it like multiple days, which in terms of like writing the song – obviously with like other stuff, we’ll go back and like work on the small things – but like, this was a song that took two or three sessions before we even had the chorus for it. So it was unique in the way that we just created it a little bit differently.”

The track itself has hazy summer tinged guitar riffing over a driving bass line and woozy stacked vocals, before it breaks into a rambunctious chorus that could sit perfectly in a teen summer flick. 

It’s a groovy offering that will have you delving into their adolescent inspired anthems, transporting you to simpler times of making memories over school breaks. 

Check out ‘cool enough’ HERE and stay up to date with Almost Monday at their website, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook.

Tait McGregor