Album Review: Tora delight fans with a deluxe edition of Can’t Buy The Mood


The home-grown wonder that is Tora are no longer Australia’s best kept secret. Following the success of their first album Take A Rest in 2017, songs including “Another Case” and “Too Little” caught international attention and saw them head overseas to perform. Now preparing to re-pack their bags for another tour of Europe in the near-future, it is undeniable that it’s been a hectic couple of years for the electronic foursome.

The Byron Bay boys have have just released a deluxe edition of their 2019 album, Can’t Buy The Mood. In addition to the original fourteen tracks,  it features six remixes by artists including Kill Another, Two Paris and Crayon. As well as two newly released b-sides. There is a lot to be excited about and even more to sink your teeth into all over again.

From start to finish the album rings true to its title, Can’t Buy The Mood, plunging its listeners through a soulful wave of slow beats, electronic synths and yearning lyrics. Opening with arguably its most iconic track, “Deviate”. We are immediately drawn into that memorable melody, alongside appealing ideals of “searching for the connection” because “the future never seems to look bright”. It’s definitely a mood, they were right about that.

The infectious bassline in “Morphine” appears enhanced even more by the cool harmonies of crooning voices, willing you to move. Or at the very least bop your head along to the music. The mid-section continues with a synth soundscape reminiscent of the 80s electronic era – think Stranger Things title music. We love the nostalgia! This song is absolutely one of the highlights of the album.

Newly released b-side, “Alight”, reaffirms Tora’s characteristic style of less really is more when it comes to electronic music. Beginning solely with gentle piano and vocals, the song paints a picture of a man who has matured from high school to imagining having children of his own. The track’s engaging word-play, “my my, you’re fire”… “am I your fire?”, and simplistic motifs make it all the more endearing.

The final song on the deluxe album, another b-side – “News Report”, showcases the perfect blend formed by two voices when they fuse and rebound off of one another. A short but deliciously sweet track at just 2 minutes 30, it suggests a subtle social comment on humanity devolving into savages over time. Can’t really argue with that one, can we?

Whether it’s the incorporation of birdsong into the beat of “Ice Bucket”. BOI’s sweet vocal feature on “Control”. The reminiscent hints of vintage game sounds in “Other Designs” or the spoken word throughout “News Report”, this immersive and experimental album is one not to be missed. Tora might have struck gold with their debut in 2017, but they have absolutely proved themselves still on top of their game with this polished and creative record.


The Deluxe Edition of Can’t Buy The Mood is available now. You can catch Tora perform at the following upcoming dates in Australia:

14th Feb 2020 – The Foundry – Fortitude Valley, QLD
15th Feb 2020 – Solbar – Maroochydore, QLD
20th Feb 2020 – The Corner Hotel – Richmond, VIC

Tickets available from HERE

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