The Asus ROG Phone 8 is a revolution for gaming on the go

With a new year comes a new batch of phones clamouring for your attention. Gamers will know the Asus ROG branding, with their previous phones and hardware centred around predominantly gaming. I mean, ROG stands for Republic Of Gaming after all. This time around, Asus has shifted that view to make it more accessible for everyday mobile phone users while still catering to the more hardcore gamers who love it for its grunt. 


The ROG Phone 8’s layout is similar to that of your stock standard Android phone. Its rectangular shape is quite similar to the Sony Xperia line, and the sleek and smooth edges and back, complete with the optional light-up logo, is a nice touch. The camera block is unfortunately quite chunky and not as smooth or subtle as an iPhone or high-end Samsung Galaxy, it does look even less subtle when you add the branded case on top. The 6.78-inch size is also comfortable in the hands thanks to the more rounded edges.


That brings us to the front of the phone. That glorious 6.78-inch FHD+ AMOLED display is nothing short of spectacular. The aforementioned smoother edges blend so nicely into that edge-to-edge display with slimmer bezels than ever to further immerse the experience. It can also deliver up to 165HZz, making games, movies, TV shows and selfie viewing incredibly crisp for a phone of this size.

Punching out a whopping 2,500 nits peak brightness with HDR10, the ROG Phone 8 is also great for streaming and general viewing when used out in the open and in direct sunlight. This is all boosted by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with 16 GB of RAM. While we’ll get into the remaining bits and pieces below, we’ll wrap this up nicely and cleanly. It’s simply really hard to complain about given it’s one of the best chipsets you can get in a phone today. It also comes with 256 GB of storage and tasks things up a notch with an IP68 rating. Why does this matter? A simple spill or splash is no longer an issue, and this thing can even be submerged in fresh water up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. While we wouldn’t recommend doing this, it’s nice to know it can hold up.


Battery life is where this falters a tad. The 5,500 mAh battery is simply tiny for a phone of this calibre. Or at the very least, it drains when it’s used for its intended purpose. The primary use of this device is for an “all-day phone” while having access to some great specs to be able to deliver some solid gaming on the go. Regrettably, you won’t be able to do this with the Rog Phone 8. The battery was very temperamental, and I barely lasted most of the day with regular use and a little bit of game time. Fortunately, the internal ASUS software software called Armoury Crate can change where the power goes which can drain the battery or make it last a lot longer.

The ultra-durable mode will preserve as much power as possible by changing the CPU, RAM, and GPU to lower and restrict your refresh rate to 60Hz. The standard mode is Dynamic, which the phone claims to be optimized for daily use. The third mode is X Mode, which is best suited for gaming. I wouldn’t recommend using this mode too far away from a charging device, as it does boost the refresh rate and system performance while pushing the internal cooling on the phone. It is a fantastic way to play games though. Asphalt 9 plays, looks and SOUNDS spectacular on this phone, especially in X Mode.

The speakers on the phone are nothing short of incredible. Quite often with phone speakers, you can make the volume louder but it sounds tinny and distorted, fortunately, this phone is loud but it never tops out and becomes garbled. If you are watching videos or playing games the bass is quite noticeable and can deliver a solid audio experience without the need for headphones. 

You can charge the phone wirelessly, although, with the clunky camera, it was difficult to get a good angle for this to be successful. Included with the phone is a 75W ultra-fast charger that only takes about 30 minutes to get the phone back up to a full 100% and is the best way to charge the phone in general. Its USB-C connectivity means you can whip out existing chargers with this phone, even if the included brick is still highly recommended. 


The camera has a beefed-up 50MP main camera with an IMX890 sensor. The photos you can get on the main camera are simply incredible (see below for reference). It also features a 13MP ultra-wide and 32MP telephoto with 3 x zoom. There is also a gimbal option, which helps with stabilising videos while helping with zoom quality.

On the other side, the front-facing camera is 32MP, which also offers a zoom via a wider angle option that opens up to allow more objects in your selfies. It’s great in both bright and low light and while AI doesn’t really take control as much when compared to a more entry-level phone, it’s great for whipping out for that quick shot in any condition.

Verdict & Value

Asus has levelled up its phone game with the ROG Phone 8. The beefed-up specs and rectangular design help it feel like an Android phone in 2024. Allowing the balance of extreme gaming on the go and regular phone use can be modified using the built-in app from Asus. At A$1799, it’s also great value for what you’re getting inside in terms of specs and build quality.

While this does affect your battery life, which is considerably lower on this model, you can at least be comforted that the Ultra fast charger will have you back up to 100% in less than 30 minutes. The camera is stunning and while the notch is bulky, the quality of photos and videos is incredible. Asus has created a phone that is aimed primarily at gamers, while still being affordable enough and accessible to the everyday user.


Highlights: Fantastic performance and display; Ultra fast gaming on the go; Decent camera; Fits great in the hand
Lowlights: Battery life can drain quickly depending on the usage mode
Manufacturer: Asus
Price:  A$1799
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Asus.