Album Review: Sia – We Are Born (2010 LP)

The at times mind-blowingly sexy, and at times irritatingly screechy vocals of Sia will surely lure listeners in to the luscious dance-pop that is We Are Born, the fifth album from this Adelaide “pop-sensation”. Comprised completely of heavy loaded pop music designed solely to induce a frenzy of intoxicatingly sweet happiness, this album is the perfect blend of joyful beats and dancey rhythms. We Are Born is an album of the variation made simply for losing yourself in the bouncy happiness of the music, and not concentrating too hard on the horrible lyrics (“We only get one shot at love, oh clap your hands”). Deep.

It’s once you get past the completely not-okay creepiness that is the intro to ‘The Fight’, that you realise Sia’s comforting vocals are all you need to annihilate inner fury. The clever popstar drags listeners into a melodic world of bubblegum pop, eradicating all desire for darkness and despair. The string of surpsisingly sweet pop music continues in ‘You’ve Changed’, where Sia cunningly disguises her foolish lyrical choices by intertwining and weaving words together into some blabbering inaudible mess. This is a theme to be repeated later on in this album, someone should let this girl know that there’s no R in ‘said’ (one listen of ‘Be Good to Me’ is all it takes to understand this comment).

‘Bring Night’ is the epitome of disgustingly cheesy pop music that makes my frosted heart melt, and allow Sia to come over me. The ongoing rage inhabiting my body cannot co-exist with Sia’s music flowing through my ears. It’s just not possible. This album solidly lives to promote free-spirited laughter, uninhibited dancing, and glittery tears of joy. Whilst I completely despise the awful joy that creeps into me when listening to Sia’s deep, nasal voice, I just can’t bring myself to hate it. Nothing has made me so happy. This is not one for the weak.

Rating: I’m torn between a 9/10 and a 4/10. Let’s stick with the 9.