Album Review: Sarah Yagki – I Love You, I Lied (2023 EP)

Sydney/Eora indie-pop artist Sarah Yagki has today returned with her sophomore EP I Love You, I Lied just a year on from her debut EP A Love, That’s Dying. Intimate storytelling and infectious melodies navigate themes of love and loss across five personal tracks, including the heartfelt title single.

This emotive songwriting process is a way for Sarah to cope with her PTSD, while drawing from influences like Halsey, Avril Lavigne and Blackbear. The EP was produced by Sarah and James Guildo at Obseen Recordings in St Leonards and blends rock elements with pop hooks and provocative lyrics. Her warm and compelling vocals are both soothing and riveting as she sings of heartbreak over catchy beats and driving riffs.

Easy opener “Can’t Decide” begins with muted acoustic strums and Sarah’s captivating voice as it builds into an upbeat chorus you can nod along to. Layered guitars and punchy drums allow it to ebb and flow with the narrative of a situationship in a strong start to the EP. “Sick of You” has more of a pop feel with bubbling synths and a groovy bassline underneath crisp programming and gossamer vocals. The repetitive lyrics contribute to the earworm melody and stay with you long after the song is finished.

The rock-tinged “Ecstasy” would be at home on an Amy Shark record. Dynamic delivery and thumping kicks keep it moving at a welcome pace and the acoustic guitar gives it a nice texture. Sweet harmonies and electric guitar licks over offbeat rhythms make “Truly” a standout on the project. Sarah’s vocal performance on this track is particularly moving and translates the passion of the poignant lyrics. Finally, “I Love You, I Lied” showcases her full vocal range with distorted riffs in the chorus for a big finish that is sure to be a live staple.

I Love You, I Lied dabbles in a mix of contemporary styles to forge a unique sound and is both vulnerable yet empowering. The future is looking bright for the Sydney songstress and we’re definitely down for the ride.


Sarah will be touring across NSW from March through to June – get your tickets HERE. Stay connected on Facebook and Instagram for more.