Album Review: Kasabian – Happenings (2024 LP)

Late last week saw Kasabian drop their eighth studio album, Happenings.  It does feel like it’s been on the horizon for sometime, though, as the first single, “Algorithms” was released over a year ago, back in June 2023.

As a Kasabian fan, I have to be honest and say that I’m still adjusting to the Meighan-less lineup, mainly because there was such an energy between the two frontmen, and the harmonies were something else – particularly live.  That said, this is a new era for the band and it’s time to embrace that.  I’m definitely onboard to see where it goes.

“Darkest Lullaby” is the opening track, and one of the strongest on the album, in my opinion.  There’s a groove in the rhythm section that sucks you in before you know it – a little bit funky, and vaguely reminiscent of an ABBA tune or two from my childhood.  Definitely one to get you moving.

“Call” is next and, having been out since February, it’s a familiar tune.  This is one that I can imagine would be a belter live – extremely dance-able and the ‘ay-ay-ay, ayy’ chant that would probably be wicked fun in a crowd.  A moment later and we’re into the most frenetic tune on the album, “How Far Will You Go”.  It’s pretty short, at just under two minutes, but it packs a punch.  “Coming Back To Me Good” gives a mellow breather after that and, for me, it’s conjuring images of a 70s bar – wide lapels and bell bottoms and moody orange lighting – solid feel-good vibes.

“G.O.A.T” slows things down further and feels like the most SLP-esque track on the album, very much the 2024 version of Kasabian. There’s a dark undercurrent in the low end that’s compelling listening.

Next up is “Passengers”.  It feels both old and new simultaneously, feeling like Kasabian in various forms, and this is one I’d love to experience live as there seems to be some pretty epic layers going on.  The drums of Ian Matthews and the bass of Chris Edwards – always a great combo – are really driving this one, as well as some nuanced guitar work from Tim Carter and Serge Pizzorno, topped off with soaring harmonies (nod to Rob Harvey for backing vocals here).

The start of “Hell Of It” immediately brings Velociraptor vibes, particularly “Switchblade Smiles” and “Re-Wired”.  This one makes me want to dance.  It rolls straight into “Italian Horror”, my other favourite track.  Funky bass, catchy drums, and a ludicrously inviting chorus to sing along to at the top of your voice. Great fun.

Penultimate track is “Bird in a Cage” and it’s similar in feel to “G.O.A.T”.  Very slinky and sultry.

Closing out the album is the aforementioned “Algorithms”.  This one has grown on me over the past year and I’ve fallen for the way it builds and, frankly, it makes me feel good.  I think that’s really the essence of this whole album, really.  It makes you feel good and crave the joy of standing in an open field, singing your lungs out to the sky.  I wish it was longer than 28 minutes – it’s hard to not want some songs to be longer – but it’s a very easy album to have on repeat as you dance around your house and frighten the cats.



Happenings is out now.