Album Review: ERRA – CURE (2024 LP)

Alabamian progressive metalcore maestros ERRA have unveiled their highly anticipated sixth studio album, CURE, today. Showcasing their hallmark fusion of captivating melodic vocals and screams across a spectrum of tracks, the album features guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash, vocalist J.T. Cavey, drummer Alex Ballew, bassist Conor Hesse, and the new addition, guitarist Clint Tustin. With CURE, ERRA embarks on a dynamic exploration of their musical prowess and evolution.

The opening track delivers anthemic vibes akin to Parkway Drive, with a captivating interplay between melodic vocals and aggressive screams that add depth to the composition. Instrumentally, the breakdown in the chorus introduces an exciting layer, showcasing ERRA’s knack for creating dynamic arrangements. “Rumor of Light” introduces a more ambient side before transitioning into energetic guitar riffs and engaging melodies. Soft, melodic pre-choruses contrast with intense verses, reminiscent of early 2000s emo vibes.

“Idle Wild” stands out with captivating synths and punchy rhythms, highlighting Cash’s slightly heavier vocals blending seamlessly with Cavey’s screams. “Blue Reverie” offers a change of pace with its slow, eerie intro and focus on Cash’s vocals. The subdued instrumentals allow the vocals to shine, making it a standout track. “Slow Sour Bleed,” the latest single, impresses with its heavy industrial sound and infectious energy. Melodic verses and intense choruses showcase ERRA’s ability to craft engaging tracks. “Wish” serves as a brief instrumental interlude, seamlessly transitioning into “Glimpse,” a powerful track that follows the classic ERRA formula, with Cavey taking the verses and Cash on the chorus.

“Past Life Persona” highlights Cash’s vocal talent with a slow buildup and powerful verses, adding a fun element with its guitar riff. “Crawl Backwards Out Of Heaven” offers a stark contrast with its upbeat and heavy sound, appealing to hardcore fans with its industrial vibes. “End to Excess” impresses with jangly guitar intros and catchy choruses, striking a balance between emo vibes and heavy intensity. “Pale Iris,” released earlier, stands out with its fast-paced tempo and intricate tempo changes, adding diversity to the album’s lineup. The closing track, “Wave,” delivers a beautiful conclusion with epic melodies and focus on vocal and instrumental interplay, making it a standout closer.

CURE is a testament to ERRA’s musical growth and commitment to delivering quality metalcore compositions. While it may not break entirely new ground or achieve perfection, the album undeniably shines with its captivating melodies, intense vocals, and dynamic instrumentation. Fans of the genre will find much to appreciate in ERRA’s latest offering, making CURE a commendable addition to their discography and a solid choice for any metalcore enthusiast seeking a compelling and enjoyable listening experience.


CURE is out on Friday 5 April 2024.
Header image credit: Bryan Kirks