Album of the Week: Karrie Hayward – Ephemeral (2018 EP)

Karrie Hayward is a Brisbane based songstress with a pop infused, indie edge sound. Spending the last few months travelling solo in a van performing shows down the Eastern coast of Australia from Townsville to Melbourne she recently released her debut EP Ephemeral.

An album about the experiences of a past relationship and the raw emotions she felt navigating through the highs and lows. She still manages a sweet start on the opening song “Don’t Be A Stranger” which was recorded on the Gold Coast at Blind Boy Studios. Upbeat lyrics performed by Hayward’s soulful voice blend with percussive timbre.

The second song “Centrepiece” has received great feedback already on respected radio stations such as Triple J. A dreamy love song with weaving melodies that make magic with the catchy beat.

“Run Boy” has a much more rock vibe with heavy pulsing guitar and strong drums carrying the beat. Lyrics speaking about the rough side of relationships when they end make you feel the fire and anger that can come with love. Closing the album “Going To The Grave” Hayward comes in strong in a brooding way with a melodic guitar riff full of rhythm and groove.

This earthy album showcases the kaleidoscope of sound that Karrie Hayward plays with so perfectly, cementing Hayward as an artist to watch in 2019. The music is catchy, with stellar production, and easily sits amongst the finest we’ve heard this year; especially from an artist releasing their debut EP. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.


Ephemeral is available now. To keep up to date you can follow Karrie on her Facebook at or at her website HERE.




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