Photo Gallery: Abi Tucker + Nic Cassey – Foundry 616, Sydney (30.01.20)

Abi Tucker
Abi Tucker

Abi Tucker had her album launch “Who Do You Really Know” at Foundry 616 on Thursday night. You might know her better as an actor in some iconic Australian dramas, namely “The Secret Life of Us“, “Heartbreak High” and “McLeod’s Daughters“. If you’ve got young children, you might have encountered her on Play School where she has appeared as a presenter.

Tucker has delivered two albums prior to this. The first full-length recording was “Dreamworld”, delivered in 2003, and “One December Moon” in 2008. A couple of kids and a busy acting career has meant that it took 12 years for this latest release to hit the ether. Tucker put together a formidable band for the night, with long-term collaborator Julian Curwin (The Tango Saloon, Monsieur Camembert) on guitar, along with  Sydney stalwarts including Stu Hunter, David Symes, and Evan Mannell.

As for the gig itself, the band came out first and warmed the stage for a few minutes before Tucker burst out and into the opening song and title track of the album. The songs were delivered with passion, and the band was tight. The actor in her couldn’t be suppressed, with various wigs donned to help transport herself and the audience to the narrative and the emotion of the song.  The album was played in full, and when they had run out of songs,  they finished off with Abi and Julian singing a song about a snail. It was a triumphant album launch, and hopefully we will see Abi playing more live gigs soon.

You can check out Bruce’s photos from the night below.


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