A decade in the making: Wilco set to return to Australia

In a much-anticipated tour announcement, Grammy Award-winning, genre-bending powerhouse Wilco are finally making their way back to Australian stages after an extended absence of over a decade. The band are ready to arrive, with Jeff Tweedy, the charismatic frontman now turned songwriter/author/record producer during the band’s lifespan stating, “We love Australia and can’t wait to be back.”

Wilco’s journey has not been short-lived, with their foray into the musical Wild West beginning in the mid-’90s, growing from humble alt-country roots. Their willingness to dive into folk, rock, and indie sensibilities since has created a solid, easily recognisable sound despite their wide range of influences. And it hasn’t been for nought; to date, the band have holstered a Grammy Award in 2005 for Best Alternative Music Album – A Ghost Is Born – and has been nominated seven times over the years across various genres including Best Folk, Best Rock, Best Americana.

Over the years, they’ve achieved a certain sonic greatness through the outfits line-up. With Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt as mastheads, they have only been bolstered by the talents of Nels Cline, Pat Sansone, Glenn Kotche, and Mikael Jorgensen. Together, they’re bound to fill up our theatres, concert halls and opera houses with ease. BT from Love Police summed it up eloquently “Wow Wow Wow Wilco are coming.”

Proudly presented by Love Police and supported by Double J, the tour is hitting Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney in March 2024. Joining the Chicago cruisers on this East Coast foray is the immensely talented Australian folk darling Leah Senior. Promising an unforgettable mixture of old tunes, classic hits and new cuts from their latest album Cousin, Wilco’s journey to Australian shores is more than an event, it’s a triumphant return – and it’s just around the corner!

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Wilco Tour Dates

13th March 2024 – PRINCESS THEATRE, BRISBANE, QLD with Leah Senior
15th March 2024 – CANBERRA THEATRE, CANBERRA, ACT with Leah Senior
17th March 2024 – THE FORUM, MELBOURNE, VIC with Leah Senior
21th March 2024 – OPERA HOUSE, SYDNEY, NSW

Image by Peter Crosby