Game Review : The Jackbox Party Pack 10 wraps up a decade of hilarity and fun

The Jackbox Party series has been a staple in the world of party gaming for an entire decade now, and its 10th-anniversary instalment, aptly named The Jackbox Party Pack 10, is an absolute triumph. It brilliantly combines the classic formula that fans have grown to love with innovative new games, making it the best entry in the series to date. The celebratory spirit is infectious, and the 10th instalment has truly outdone itself.

Mini-Game Frenzy

One of the most impressive aspects of The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is its ability to strike a balance between honouring its roots and introducing fresh and exciting elements. It manages to capture the essence of the earlier editions while keeping things engaging for longtime fans and newcomers alike. This harmonious blend is what sets it apart from its predecessors. Fans of Tee K.O. will appreciate the love and dedication given to the follow-up game.

There is a wide selection of games like Hypnotorious, which is a great twist incorporating a social deduction game in which you are assigned an identity and have to guess who everyone is related to. Timejinx is the trivia game out of this version, you have to guess what period events took place in. If you love history, this is for you. Dodo Re Mi is where things get crazy. It is Jackbox meets Band Hero; each player gets a crazy instrument on their device and has to play a timing rhythm game. It can get crazy with some wacky (and noisy) instruments to play along with.

The Cream of the Crop

Among the standout games in this stellar collection, Tee K.O. 2, Hypnotorious, and Fixytext deserve special mention. Tee K.O. 2 builds upon the success of the original and brings even more hilarity to the table. It’s the perfect platform for creative showdowns and wacky T-shirt designs that feel fresh and welcome after a long hiatus from the previous game. Hypnotorious takes the concept of imitating your friends to a whole new level with its hypnotic twists and turns, keeping you on your toes as you compete for the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Fixytext challenges your linguistic skills in a refreshingly fun way, making it an excellent addition to the game lineup. This was the game that my group connected with the most. Adding in some jaw-dropping comments and sentences to throw everyone off their game with disgust or delight, Fixytext was like being in an NSFW online Google Doc. We are seriously still talking about it to this date and can’t wait to jump back in. 

The Jackbox Party Pack 10’s sleek and user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate, ensuring that even the least tech-savvy players can easily join in on the fun. The game’s humour is as sharp and as borderline inappropriate as ever, and it’s designed to cater to a wide range of comedic tastes. You can have it be a clean game if you want, however, if you have some seriously warped friends with a dark sense of humour, you can easily find it here as well.

The variety in the game modes makes each one more entertaining than the last and guarantees that no two playthroughs are the same. This is particularly useful for repeat gaming sessions with the same group of people.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re celebrating a decade of The Jackbox Party series or just looking for a fun game to play after your dinner party, The Jackbox Party Pack 10 has you covered. It’s a celebration of a decade’s worth of innovation and laughter, offering a well-rounded experience that no fan of party games should miss. Tee K.O. 2, Hypnotorious, and Fixytext are just a few of the gems in this treasure trove of party games.

So, gather your friends, fire up the game, and get ready to have an incredibly unforgettable time as you laugh uncontrollably at the fun that is The Jackbox Party Pack 10.


Highlights: Hilarious gameplay, Easily accessible for anyone who wants to play.
Lowlights: May not be everyone’s sense of humour
Developer: Jackbox Games
Publisher: Jackbox Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Available: Now

Review conducted on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by the publisher.