A.D.K.O.B. take us track by track through their debut album Defender

Credit: Bee Elton

Sydney indie-rock quartet A.D.K.O.B. (A Different Kind of Busy) have made a strong return with their debut album Defender, released 31 Oct. Created during the 2020 lockdowns, frontman Mark Piccles impressively finished much of the album’s material over a two week period. This next phase of the band began as organically as their inception with nothing but time after nearly calling it a day pre-COVID.

The 10-track project features swirling synths, shimmering guitars and eerie chants in a case study of introspection and curiosity. It was recorded and mixed by Piccles at his home studio with a variety of influences ranging from punk to hip hop. With two EPs and a string of singles under their belts, Defender is the first new music from A.D.K.O.B. since their 2020 single “Lathe”.

The band takes us track by track through the album, keeping it short and sweet like the record itself.

  1. Concerning Patterns

This started out as a stream of consciousness exercise that I just kept building on. Fun fact: it’s the longest A.D.K.O.B. song to date.

  1. No Floor

A weird bassy number about instability.

  1. Kind of Alright

This was an early one to come along in putting the album together. I think I was trying to do a ‘thing’ where dynamics would often crescendo but never quite pay off with a bang. The musical idea behind that sort of informed what the lyrics are vaguely about – being content but never satisfied.

  1. I’ll Wait

This is probably the quickest song to come together for the record. Mostly done in one day, it just happened. It was almost too syrupy to put on the album for me but I just couldn’t deny that it belonged somewhere on the track list. It’s about personal discipline.

  1. Lift

This one might be my personal favourite. It’s grim and dissonant. It’s hard to say what this one is about but it’s certainly a darker moment for the subject of the song.

  1. Sophie

An early piece in the creation of Defender, I think Sophie is the song on the record that sounds most like our older material. It’s almost a link song, between our ‘then and now’ as a band. It’s a false bravado song.

  1. A Boring Neighbourhood

The first single from the album, a slow burning number resonating patience and mood.

  1. Valves

This was just a sadboi COVID loner jam that I didn’t think much of at the time. It slowly made its way into regular rotation in my head and I was drawn back to it, finishing it over some late nights. I find it an emotionally draining song.

  1. Forgive Yourself

Not heaps to tell with this one – it’s a ballad. It’s a bit personal.

  1. November

Yep! November.

Defender is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow A.D.K.O.B. on Facebook and Instagram for more.