A Breach of Silence announce QLD Tour Dates

Brisbane five-piece A BREACH OF SILENCE emerges from the Brisbane Metal Scene ready to unleash their brutal melodic music with audiences on the east coast before heading in to the recording studio to begin work on their debut album.

The lyrics interpret the depth of this emerging metal core band and new front man Corey Staples (previously “A Fallen Memory”) is screaming the lullabies that make metal brutal to all ears that dare to listen.

The band will showcase their tracks for the first time during a whirlwind tour of Queensland before heading in to the recording studio to record their debut album with Swedish heavy metal producer, Fredrik Nordstom behind the helm (Bring me the Horizon, I Killed the Prom Queen, In Flames).

“About a year ago, we thought about pumping out an E.P with the few songs we had back then, but we’re glad we didn’t”, says bassist/vocalist Blair Layt. “We’ve spent the past year tweaking them slightly to sound even better, and mixed with our new songs, they’ll match perfectly on the album”.

With an ambition to recruit the genre’s best to nurture and develop their sound in the studio, the band, who have opted to record a full length album as their debut release rather than an EP, made contact to Nordstom only to find he shared the same enthusiasm to work together.

“We were stoked to find that the reply was positive, and that he really liked our demos and thought that we had potential,” said Layt . “We have developed in a huge way and our sound has changed slightly over the last year, and our songs represent that,” describes Blair of the band’s songs. “In a nut shell, it’s Melodic yet brutal, technical but simple”.

“A fan of ours told us once that a great way to describe our live set is like getting your girlfriend to put on a pair of 3D glasses for the first time in a horror movie,” says Layt of the band’s live shows. “The result is moments of extreme fright, adrenaline rushes, and it will leave you with a memory that will keep you awake at night”.

“You’re only as good as your last gig, so why not amplify what you love doing, and in our case that’s playing sweet brutal music, and reflecting our positive vibe to our audience”.

Tour dates:

Thursday September 8
Club 299, Brisbane, QLD (18+)

Friday September 9
Banjo’s Tavern, Bundaberg, QLD (18+)

Saturday September 10
The Grand Hotel-Cave Bar, Rockhampton, QLD (All Ages)

Sunday September 11
VENUE TBA, Maryborough, QLD

Friday October 7
VENUE TBA, Toowoomba, QLD

Saturday October 8
Commonwealth Hotel, Roma, QLD

Friday October 21
HiFi Bar, Brisbane, QLD (18+) w/Lynchmada

Thursday November 24
Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane, QLD (All Ages)