Cam Avery has curated a score for one of Sydney’s most luxurious spa treatments

  • Chris Singh
  • May 24, 2021
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Until the end of May (so you only have a week), Sydneysiders will have access to a different kind of luxury spa treatment at The Darling Spa.

How different? Well, one of the The Darling Spa’s signature treatments, the 90-minute Li’tya Mala Mayi, has been elevated with a multisensory approach in collaboration with Aussie musician Cam Avery, of Tame Impala and Pond fame.

The $280 treatment is geared towards achieving the ultimate sense of relaxation, and to leave you feeling both nurtured and renewed. An organic, ambient soundtrack by Avery is played during this treatment to achieve another layer of immersion, coupled with the entire Li’Tya experience, which starts (and ends) with a glass of Champagne, and a foot bath enriched with Australian native botanicals, then flows into a full body exfoliation, mud wrap, and massage.

The combination of massage, music, and aromatic oils plays into the idea of ‘indulgence,’ which is what The Star has been running with for both this and last month.

Given the exclusive soundtrack was designed to enhance the already solid treatment – which we can confirm is amongst the finest and most effective you’ll find in Sydney – we caught up with Cam Avery for a bit more insight into the score and why he designed it.

What considerations sit behind the score and its arrangement?

I tried to imagine a visual thing more than anything else; like a journey through a space or place. It helped me get my head around the instrumental aspect.

How do the typical vibrations of a conventional spa soundtrack differ from what you’ve done with The Darling’s soundtrack?

I always feel like there’s an overemphasis on an electronic aspect [going by] things I hear on my seldom visits. So I tried to keep it more organic, in a way.

What’s the intended feeling or sense that you hope people walk away with after receiving a treatment at The Darling to your soundtrack?

The journey through the track I guess. I think there’s lighter and darker shades as in any process of repair or change

How important is it to engage all five senses during an experience like this, and what do you feel the experience would be missing if it didn’t have this ambient soundtrack?

What you’re listening to in any experience changes everything. Whether it’s a film, gallery, room… Especially with your eyes closed, audio becomes far more immersive.

For more information on the spa treatment and to book a Cam Avery x Darling Spa Li’tya Mala Mayi click here.

Chris Singh

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