Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms Venom as major villain

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been formally unveiled during this morning’s PlayStation Showcase. The biggest news from the trailer is that fan-favourite villain Venom is along for the ride.

The trailer is short and sweet, with a voice-over intoning threats toward both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The game will be the sequel to one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives in the brand’s history.

Though only a cinematic trailer, we did see that it was taking place in winter. This is interesting, considering last year’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales also took place during winter in New York. It’s not yet clear how both Spider-men will feature in the story, though it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine players will be switching between Parker and Morales during the story. The original game had players jump between Parker and his partner Mary Jane Watson during different sections.

As a little extra treat, the trailer also features Parker using the arms from his Iron Spider costume in combat. These arms featured in the first game too, but you needed a specific suit to use them. Here, it appears Parker has them attached to his regular suit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 currently has no release date. It will be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

David Smith

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