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PlayStation Showcase will kick off this Friday, September 10, 2021, with a look at upcoming titles from Sony’s first-party video game studios.

It’s an interesting time of year for PlayStation to hold a show like this, though unsurprising if we’re honest. Since pulling out of E3 several years ago, and its relative lack of presence at Gamescom last month, PlayStation has been reliant on its State of Play broadcasts to announce, market, and hype upcoming games. Indeed, the PlayStation Showcase will be similar to previous editions of the State of Play broadcasts, though it will run a bit longer.

So, what should we expect from the show? Thankfully, pre-event communication from Sony has been fairly clear. The full show is expected to clock in at around the 40-minute mark and will cover a range of upcoming PS5 software. Sony has also been clear that it will not be talking about the next-gen PlayStation VR hardware. Apologies to the VR fans in the house, but it’s better you know now so you aren’t disappointed.

Where can I see the PlayStation Showcase though?

The show will be starting early for Australian viewers, though not as early as we’re used to. New Zealand viewers will hopefully be able to squeeze the show in before logging in to work for the day. The full VOD will be available after the show.

PlayStation Showcase will stream on PlayStation’s official YouTube and Twitch channels on Friday, September 10. See below for your local time:

6:00 am AEST

5:30 am ACST

4:00 am AWST

8:00am NZST

You’ll also be able to catch the broadcast at the official PlayStation site.

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