PlayStation 5 release dates and pricing are finally here

PlayStation 5


The PlayStation 5 finally has pricing and a release date. With only two months to go before launch, we now know that both models of PlayStation 5 will launch in Australia and New Zealand on November 12.

So how much should you expect one of these bad boys to set you back? Well, for the standard PlayStation 5 hardware, you’re looking at $749.95 AUD. The discless Digital Edition console is a hundred dollars cheaper at $599.95 AUD.

There was no word in today’s PS5 Showcase about when we can expect pre-orders to go live, but current indications are that they’ll kick off on September 22.

PlayStation Plus Collection update

Pricing and release dates aside, Sony had one more system feature to talk about. The PlayStation Plus Collection is a new feature for the ongoing PlayStation Plus subscription service. Details are scarce, but it appears similar in function to Xbox’s Game Pass platform but with a greater focus on first-party titles. The PlayStation Plus Collection features every major first-party title for the PS4 — from inFamous: Second Son to Ghost of Tsushima — available to play, at launch, on your PS5. Pricing and exactly how the system works are still forthcoming. We’ll update you on that, too, when we know more.


David Smith

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