PAX Aus 2018: 5 of the best indie titles we played at PAX Aus

For the second time in a row, PAX Aus 2018 has managed to blow me away yet again with the overwhelming presence of indie titles on display. With so many fantastic ideas coming to fruition and the increasing number of titles being made within Melbourne, I couldn’t help but jump back into the madness and try everything out. With that said, let’s dive in to my top 5 indie titles from PAX Aus 2018.

5. Nova Flow, Wrecked Angle Studios 

Admittedly, Nova’s Flow’s aesthetic was the first thing that drew me over, with a vast neon world complete with a blistering pace. Posing as a first person shooter/speed runner of sorts, gameplay is amazingly fast and fluid as you rush to shoot panels in front of you in order to successfully propel yourself forward. It sounds insane, so why not check it out for yourself below:

4. Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy, Bad Goat Studios

Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy immediately enveloped me with a sense of nostalgia I hadn’t felt in a while. A point and click adventure based on a mother and son separated only to begin a journey across the galaxy in a bid to be reunited. It all sounds easy enough to wrap your head around, and to me, that was the point. A simplistic adventure with a gorgeous art style, topped off multiple approaches to puzzle solving sounds like the point and click adventure I would dive into without hesitation.

3. Double Shot, Aberrant Realities

A VR based bartending game combined with shooting elements? Well sign me up! Developer Aberrant Realities have stumbled on something truly unique and original here, combining non-stop action with a gorgeous 80’s themed neon-lit aesthetic that quite simply left me wanting more. Serving drinks while fending off enemies is the game I never knew I wanted, and I can’t wait to jump back in to the world of Double Shot.

2. Soundfall, Drastic Games

I walked past Soundfall’s booth once again attracted by the visuals. A bright and colourful dungeon crawler filled with frenetic combat? That’s all it took for me to grab a controller and join in the fun. But as I begun playing, I realised I wasn’t given the rundown on what this game truly was. And that’s when it was explained to me. Not only was this a gorgeous and frenetic dungeon crawler, but also a rhythm based game? I was truly speechless. Timing your attacks to the beat of a mesmerising soundtrack had me hooked from the first press of a button and I did’t look back. Gameplay felt responsive and intuitive as a result, and much like Double Shot, I was left wanting more.

1. Spin Rhythm, Super Entertainment

Oh my goodness. I’m not sure if you noticed by the way I reacted to Soundfall, but rhythm based games are sort of my jam. I had my eye on Spin Rhythm for a while before playing it at PAX, but nothing could have prepared me for the levels of awesomeness that were about to overtake my body. Think DJ Hero on steroids, Spin Rhythm mixes and awesome neon aesthetic with a blistering electronic soundtrack that I just can’t wait to here more of. Gameplay also felt super smooth thanks to it’s analogue disc-based controls where you spin a wheel in order to match the oncoming notes while tapping to the beat. From what I played, Spin Rhythm already has me sold.


While there were simply too many games to shout out, I would also like to congratulate every single game present as PAX for their hard work and dedication to making awesome games like these for suckers like me. Long live the indie revolution.


Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.